Why is Writing Important for Career Development?

Having a good grasp of language as an essential life skill, and you should ensure that you can write effectively if you want to thrive in your career. Good written English will always come in useful and it will serve you well throughout your time in the workplace.

You are far less likely to secure a job in the first place if you aren’t able to write fluently. Initial applications tend to be in a written format such as a curriculum vitae and/ or covering letter, and you will need to pass this first stage before being invited to an interview. There will usually be lots of competition, so an eloquently written application will ensure that you stand out.

There are very few jobs where no writing will be required at all. Companies often communicate via email, so you’ll need to be confident in writing messages and making your meaning understood. If you’re in a client-facing role, there will also be written communication between yourself and your customers.

Writing skills in the workplace come in useful across a variety of areas. As well as letters and emails, you may also be required to write speeches or presentations, calling for diverse writing experience. Those who are able to adapt and produce versatile written work across the board will have plenty of opportunities to showcase this, and they’ll be able to sell themselves well in order to achieve promotions and career progression.