Do Qualifications Affect Job Options?

When we are in school, we are always told to work hard so we can get good qualifications and a decent job at the end of it. But just how much do qualifications actually matter when we are looking for a job?

The standard qualifications most people get are GCSEs. Many roles will require you to have a C at GCSE in important subjects, like maths or English. This shows that you have been committed enough to achieve these grades and shows a general level of intelligence, making GCSEs very important in the job market.

High education becomes more complicated. Some degrees and programmes will be vocational and will lead directly into a job, whereas others will be more academic. Employers may look favourably at an academic degree, or they may not see it as relevant depending on their own personal position on the matter. A degree can be a great experience, but make sure you only enter into higher education because you really want to do it, not because you think you will be able to get a better job – this may or may not be the case.