The Importance of Using Correct Spelling

If words are spelt incorrectly, your writing isn’t going to flow. It will look messy, and in the worst case scenario, you might not be able to make yourself understood. It is therefore very important that you can spell properly, and if it isn’t your strong point, you should make an effort to improve. Here are some tips:

1.    Learn the different between words which sound the same, such as their, there and they’re. Identify the situations in which each one would be used – if you know the rules, you can make the right selection.
2.    Memorise simple spelling rules which can help you if you’re unsure. English can be a very inconsistent language, but there are some guidelines, such as ‘I before E, except after C’.
3.    Correctly write out some of the words which you struggle to spell, and put them in a prominent place such as on your desk at work or on your bedroom wall. If you see them regularly, they’ll subconsciously begin to stick in your mind.
4.    Make full use of spellcheckers, but if you’re ever unsure, double check in a dictionary. Spellcheckers are very valuable tools but they have their flaws.
5.    Make sure to use English spellings, not American ones. Many American words will be spelt with a z instead of an s and this can be a common trap to fall into. If you’re ever unsure, look in an English dictionary.