Creative Writing: Thinking Imaginatively

Creative writing can be great fun, and it’s a brilliant way to improve your general written English. If it’s something which you’re good at, you might even be able to make some money from it. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it’s too late and that you should have started practising your creative writing years ago – anybody can enjoy this pastime and it can easily be worked around other commitments and hobbies.

There are numerous different types of creative writing which you could try your hand at. Maybe you’ve always enjoyed the language of poetry, or perhaps you love telling stories. Have a go at producing your own written versions – you might find that your pleasure in a subject has given you a good knowledge base and you take to it naturally.

Read as much as you can. The more time you spend around language, the better you will become at producing your own words. You’ll become familiar with constructions which work and will expand your vocabulary so that you’re able to write more fluently.

It’s not unusual to struggle at first, and don’t be disappointed if you do. Keep trying, and write whenever the mood takes you. Forcing yourself into it will only prove frustrating and the last thing you want to do is ruin your enjoyment of the creative process. You will get better over time and creative writing can develop into a rewarding craft for you.