Writing to Suit Your Purpose

Making your writing work for your purpose is a large part of being a good written communicator. The language which you use is incredibly important – for example, you wouldn’t write a post-it note to a friend using the same tone as you’d use for an academic thesis. Here is some advice on the types of language you should use in various situations:

  1. Writing for a website. Use shorter sentences and ensure that the text is clear and concise. If you are selling a product ensure that your copy is direct and to the point.
  2. Writing to a potential employer. Write in a formal style, but don’t be afraid to let your personality come through. This will make your application memorable.
  3. Writing a blog. This will largely depend on what the blog post is about. If it is an entertaining lifestyle blog, you can make your tone informal and conversational. However, if you’re blogging for a serious website this tone of voice may not be appropriate.
  4. Writing a short story. Story writing is a highly creative process and you can use any kind of language you like. Just make sure that your meaning is clear to your readers.
  5. Writing an article. This kind of writing is usually used to inform people. Whatever the topic might be, ensure that you are descriptive whilst making the content interesting and drawing out any relevant or interesting points.

Writing to suit your purpose is largely about knowing your audience and making a judgement about what is appropriate. If you ever get stuck, imagine that you are talking to them directly and this will help you to craft an appropriate piece of writing for them.