Content for your New Business Website

Businesses need websites to succeed – this is a well-acknowledged fact about business. If you are having a new website built or you are refreshing your current website, you will need content that is written to convert. This needs to be written by someone who understands your business but who also understands marketing and the customer journey, so they can help optimise your website. It is usually best to hire a copywriter to craft the copy for your website. It can actually be useful to have someone new writing about your business, as the business owner will have their own … Continue reading Content for your New Business Website

Putting Together a Business Bid or Tender

A business bid or tender is a way of winning business for you, and as such, it needs to be well written. You need your writing to be completely accurate, and you need to be using the right type of language to achieve the results you want to achieve. When you submit a tender, it will need to outline all the ways in which your business is right for the contract. You should use highly professional language, as well as good imagery, demonstrating the ways in which you can meet the needs of the contract. Make sure you have your … Continue reading Putting Together a Business Bid or Tender

What Makes a Person’s Writing Skills Great?

A lot of people are adequate writers, but the number of people who are able to write really well seems to be an ever shrinking number. Most people don’t really have a comprehensive writing education any, whereby they are taught how to formulate their writing so that it reads well and means what it intends to mean; many people just sort of muddle through writing. In order to become one of those few people who has objectively great writing skills, you first need to understand what that constitutes. Writing is intended to convey meaning to the reader, and this is … Continue reading What Makes a Person’s Writing Skills Great?