Writing An Effective CV

Your CV is a document that many employers will ask for when applying to work for them. It is essentially a document that provides them with all the important information they need about you. Check out our list below for what you should include in your CV. Personal Information – You want to start your CV by sharing your personal information. This should include your full name, date of birth, address, email address, contact number, and national insurance number. This makes it easy for the employer to know you are allowed to work here in the UK and know how … Continue reading Writing An Effective CV

Effective Ways To Research For Your Writing

When you are writing any piece of work, it is vital that you gain sufficient research to back up what you are saying. This is exceptionally important when you are writing for school or college work. Most people, when researching for their work are going to turn straight to the internet. This seems like the easiest place to find the answer, you are looking for. Whilst it is easy and quick, the information you receive is not always going to be reliable, meaning you may still need to complete follow up research. We find the best way to research is … Continue reading Effective Ways To Research For Your Writing

Simples Ways To Improve Your Writing

Writing is a skill that needs to be maintained. Today, we want to share with you two simple ways that you can improve and maintain your writing skill. Read! Read! Read!One of the best ways to improve your writing is through reading. When you’re reading you are constantly learning new words. You are constantly learning new ways to word certain phrases. You are learning new ways to engage with your audience. This is one of the simplest ways for writers to improve their skills, reading from other authors to gain their skills. Keep On WritingAnother simple way to improve and … Continue reading Simples Ways To Improve Your Writing

Is Writing Really A Skill?

This is a huge debate amongst everyone, is writing truly a skill. People who work in the writing community believe it is, and people outside of the community believe it isn’t. So, let’s state the facts. Yes, everyone is able to write, but it’s what you write that shows if you have the skill or not. Anyone can put words onto paper and have them make some kind of sense. But only a handful of people are able to make these words make you feel something. Only a handful of people can put true meaning and power behind their words. … Continue reading Is Writing Really A Skill?

Business Branding – Getting It Right The First Time

Business branding is one of the most important aspects of your business. That is why you need to get it right the first time around! Today, we are going to share with you some of our tips, helping you to get your branding right! Step 1 – Target AudienceThe first aspect you need to think about when branding your business is your target audience. There are certain aspects of your business branding that need to be tailored to your businesses target audience. For example, certain colour schemes and writings tones work better with different age ranges. Understanding your target audience … Continue reading Business Branding – Getting It Right The First Time

Is It Bad To Hire A Copywriter?

Business owners across the nation are constantly worrying about their written content. Yet they all seem to be under the impression that hiring a professional copywriter is a bad thing to do. But the truth is this is not the case. If you are struggling to write written work for your business, it is 100% acceptable to hire a professional to help you. Investing in a professional copywriter ensures that your business is being provided with the best possible written content out there. This is extremely important as your written work is what needs to sell your business. It needs … Continue reading Is It Bad To Hire A Copywriter?

Are Brand and Content Closely Related?

Branding and content are very closely related within a business. There’s always the possibility of making the two work together better, even if you think your business has really cracked it. Anything that affects your brand will also have a bearing on the content you are creating, and vice versa – both are entirely to do with the perception of your business to the outside world, so they’re intrinsically linked. It is helpful for businesses to think of all content under the general umbrella of brand. It is part of your identity, and the things you’re writing about, discussing and … Continue reading Are Brand and Content Closely Related?

How to Write in your Tone of Voice

Every business will have their own tone of voice, even if that tone of voice is simply ‘professional’. You will need to find ways of creating and crafting your own tone of voice so that it is recognisable to people when you write in that style. There are many different tone of voice ideas out there and you can take the ones you like and put them together to make something unique. If you are creating a new tone of voice, it’s best to write it down so that people know how to recreate it in future. You can write … Continue reading How to Write in your Tone of Voice

Content for your New Business Website

Businesses need websites to succeed – this is a well-acknowledged fact about business. If you are having a new website built or you are refreshing your current website, you will need content that is written to convert. This needs to be written by someone who understands your business but who also understands marketing and the customer journey, so they can help optimise your website. It is usually best to hire a copywriter to craft the copy for your website. It can actually be useful to have someone new writing about your business, as the business owner will have their own … Continue reading Content for your New Business Website

Putting Together a Business Bid or Tender

A business bid or tender is a way of winning business for you, and as such, it needs to be well written. You need your writing to be completely accurate, and you need to be using the right type of language to achieve the results you want to achieve. When you submit a tender, it will need to outline all the ways in which your business is right for the contract. You should use highly professional language, as well as good imagery, demonstrating the ways in which you can meet the needs of the contract. Make sure you have your … Continue reading Putting Together a Business Bid or Tender