How to Become a Better Copywriter

The words in your marketing sell your products, so if you want to make sales, you need to be using the right words. This is where copy comes in. Copywriting is the skill used to write all the words in all you marketing materials, so it is something worth mastering – the results will make a big difference to your business.  One of the main things to do to begin building your skills is to attend a course. This will give you the fundamentals of good copywriting, so you can begin improving your skills once you have finished. A good … Continue reading How to Become a Better Copywriter

Using the Right Language for your Target Audience

When writing marketing materials, people always talk about tone of voice. This can be quite a vague phrase, but what is usually meant by it is the type of language that is used to really speak to the people who read it. Should you use formal language, for example? Or might it be more appropriate to write informally to people? It will depend on the results you want to achieve and the topic you are writing about. You can conduct plenty of market research, seeing how other businesses write. Use this to either stay on brand, or to deviate and … Continue reading Using the Right Language for your Target Audience