Writing a Blog – What Kind of Language Should you Use?

Blogs are often used by businesses to update their website, tell their customers what they are up to and improve search engine optimisation strategies. If you are writing a blog for your business, it is important you use appropriate language to make sure your blog achieves its purpose. Here are some tips for blog writing:

  • You don’t need to be too formal. You can use a more chatty, casual writing style than you might use for other forms of business communications.
  • Don’t be too informal, though. Always use polite and friendly language that you would want to be associated with your business.
  • Find a good topic. This will help you to write in an engaging way that will draw people in.
  • Ask people to write guest blog posts. They might be members of staff from various parts of the business and people will be interested to hear from them and listen to their point of view.