Learning to Use Grammar Correctly in Schools

Many people believe that children should be taught grammar more thoroughly in schools. Whilst British students do have lessons in English, these incorporate lots of different aspects and don’t necessarily just focus on grammar.

It’s important to understand grammar whenever you are writing. If a sentence doesn’t sound quite right, the best way to try and work out what could be wrong is to break it down and analyse the grammar. By working out the different parts of the sentence and the ways in which they function together, you will be able to understand what the problem is and make the correction.

Children should learn this from a young age in order to understand it as thoroughly as possible. If you have children who you feel might be struggling to fully understand grammar, speak to their teachers and try to give them extra support with homework. All teachers should be reinforcing the message, not just English teachers, so ask the school whether this is happening. If you still have concerns about you child’s development, it might be worth considering some private English tutoring.